Last week we held an annual event with one of our clients  ‘Pret a Manger’ In one of London’s largest venues Alexandra Palace  and the results were brilliant.  The sun was shining and the venue was prepped for the day as we walked in to see all those months of planning such a huge event coming together.

Known as the ‘peoples palace’ it is known for its beautiful panoramic views of London, stunning architectural features and well-proportioned halls, making it a very popular choice for both corporate and private events. With us being able to use space both indoors and out this made it ideal for the Pret a Manger summer team building and awards event 2015!

IIts always good  to start the day with breakfast and on arrival in the beautiful Palm Court- tea, coffee and some pastries were served to welcome the teams and get them ready to begin the day, and what a day they had planned. First up was the West Hall for introductions and a quick explanation from the guys at ‘Off Limits’ our team building events company about the Lock Box challenge….. The teams were split into two groups – team 1 having to complete a series of challenges with the lock box in the quickest time which would determine their place on the race course later on in the day. Whilst they were doing this the other half of their team was down in the Panorama room building a self-assembly go kart in the allotted time provided.

The competition really had begun, team mates had brought their own matching hats, outfits and a competitive steely look in their eyes as they set off on their group challenges. Walking around you could really feel the teams guiding each other, coming up with a strategy and even using their own personal skills set to their advantage…. Some had even brought arts and crafts kits with them to add a little colour and personality to their cars.

Once the countdown was done it was time to move all the spectators down to the race track that had been set up outside the venue and the Off Limits guys were on hand to explain proceedings and get the teams in order of racing depending on their times of the lock box challenge earlier.

And they were off!……….Teams were having a great time cheering on and encouraging their drivers around the track, some faster than others and some even pedaling backwards!! But with the final lap over the winners were crowned!

Lunch was served by the in house catering team at Alexandra Palace and a beautiful BBQ outside with drinks was provided. Sea bass with fresh greens and salads and a gourmet style burger was well welcomed by all the competitors followed by delicious desserts and a drink, everyone was then ready to move back inside for the awards in the West Hall. Awards were given out on the stage and everyone enjoyed a drink whilst hearing from colleagues from around the country about their success stories.

We can’t praise the staff at Alexandra Palace enough for their professionalism at the event, the production team, Off Limits and everyone else that helped to make the day run smoothly, on time and enjoyable for all involved.

Onto the next one….