The May Fair Hotel

The May Fair Hotel is steeped in history and has a variety of rooms that can be hired for events. In 2004, a new era for The May Fair began. Having been bought by the prestigious Edwardian Group London, every single room in the hotel was transformed. New wings and floors were added, amid a stylish, modern effusion of glass and leather, marble and gold leaf. Just 30 months and £75 million later, The May Fair could once again announce itself to the world: ‘a hotel like no other’

The Crystal Room’s spectacular Baccarat chandelier glimmers in past and present glory, and the private theatre’s acoustics are still felt to the core.  Above all, 404 luxurious rooms and 12 of the capital’s most spectacular suites provide unforgettable experiences, and the later additions of the Cigar Room and the urban spa retreat ensure that The May Fair still competes in a league of its own.

Famed for hosting outrageous parties overflowing with champagne-infused debauchery in eras past, today The May Fair is celebrated for its elegance and charm. Yet nowhere is, or has ever been, more renowned for its discretion.


  • Nearest Station: Green Park
    Maximum Standing in Danziger: 200
    Maximum seated in Danziger: 130
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  • Why choose May Fair Hotel?
    Becasue it is stepped in history: :When World War Two began, The May Fair was an oasis. The bandleaders of the time, Jack Jackson and Harry Roy, entertained the thousands of guests who flocked to the ballroom, eager to revel in escapism and merriment, and forget the outside world."