The Rio Olympics are just around the corner and there is something to be said for bringing a little Carnival to your party. With a shimme and a shake these beautiful samba dancers will wow you with their moves to the sounds of the authentic brazilian drummers!

Capoeira dancers focus on that amazing blend of martial arts, dance and acrobatics whilst the Football free stylers will be more than happy to teach your guests a trick or two!  Best way to capture the whole event? The Birdcage photo booth comes with feathers galore!

The Carnival themed package comes with:

  • 4 Samba Dancers
  • 6 Authentic drummers
  • 2 male Capoeira performers
  • Football free styler
  • Birdcage photo booth with props and photographer

*All acts are subject to availability

Package price £4,900.00 + vat + production